Create amazing wood veneer patterns

In this short video from GucciJapanHand さんのチャンネル, Honma Noboru demonstrates an old traditional Japanese woodworking technique called “Hakone parquet”. With nothing but simple hand tools and different woods, he patiently makes the most incredible veneer patterns you have ever seen! judging from the perfect result, it is obvious that Honma Noboru is a master in this art form, but the basic technique is simple enough for anyone to try and experiment with.


The power of Biomimetics!

Evolution has caused some impressive mechanics! Without a creative mind, it has come up with solutions that the most genius of humans would never had thought of. Robert Full did this talk at TED about the locomotive skills of cockroaches, and it is mind-blowing! Evolution, through million of years of trial and error, has resulted in a such versatile and resilient being as the cockroach! We think we are the most superior species on our planet, but just watch this video and you’ll be wondering if we really are the perfectly adoptable species we think we are….

Decorating cakes with a lazy susan

By using a rotating platform, like a “Lazy Susan”, very interesting decorations can be made. Vincent Lai publicized this inspirational video of how a cake with whipped cream and cake gel can easily become a beautiful work of art. All you need is a lazy susan, spatula and a knife! So the next time you make a cake, learn from this video and make all the guests wonder “How on earth did you make this gorgeous cake?!”

Cutting cherry tomatoes super easy

Cherry tomatoes are a special treat: Perfect for making that dish look extra nice, and still an important part of the meal. But who has the time to cut all those tiny things? Well DaveHax knows how to do it super quick and easy. Just grab a couple of plates and a knife, and you’ll be slicing tomatoes at lightning speed! So if you love cherry tomatoes, do yourself a favor and watch this video!

Super easy paper flowers!

Who doesn’t like flower decorations? But how do you make them look realistic without an expertise in origami? Well thanx to happypuppytruffles you can now make super realistic paper flowers in many variations! Just use thin paper or even tissue paper and you could make gorgeous flower decorations super easy! We haven’t tried it, but are willing to bet that you could even use toilet paper to achieve the same gorgeous result! Preferably unused toilet paper though :P