How to stamp and decorate your leather

Have you ever seen beautifully ornamented leather objects such as saddles, high-end purses or belts and thought “I wish I could do that…”. Well thanx to Bruce Cheaney here is a simple beginners tutorial on how a pattern can be cutted and stamped into leather. In this video, a tool called a “Swivel knife” is also used, and if you don’t know what that is, we have collected the demonstration for you here: What is a swivel knife?

Make your own branding iron!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could mark stuff with your name, slogan or logo in a way that wouldn’t wear of? You need a branding iron! But instead of ordering really expensive ones, you should consider making your own. As this tutorial from John Heisz shows, it isn’t tricky at all. With just an old metal wrench as material and simple tools like drills, files, a hacksaw and an angle grinder, John Heisz makes his own branding iron with the name of his website “I build” with excellent results! Just watch and learn how you could make your own permanent stamp. And if you need help doing the pattern transfer, check out our How to transfer inkjet prints to wood post, it works on almost any surfaces.

Know your fish!

If you like fish, you really need to watch this video from Gordon Ramsay. It’s not enough to know how to cook a fish, if the fish is of poor quality, nothing can save the taste. But if you know how to spot a perfect fish and avoid the ordinary and bad ones at your local fish monger, your cuisine will taste glorious! Here, fish Guru Roger Barton gives us several great tips on how to tell the best from the rest. Enjoy!

Yogurt balls!

Reverse Spherification is a brand new way of presenting foods, and it is rapidly spreading around all the top-notch restaurants the world over. But as this video from MOLECULE-R Flavors shows, it is not difficult to make at all! In this video they turn yogurt into small balls that looks awesome, but there’s a lot of other things you can do with this technique. So stop thinking inside the box and start thinking inside the sphere!

Crochet for beginners!

Have you seen crocheted clothes, blankets and arts and thought “I wish I could do that…but it will never happen…”? Lets face it, without someone to teach you, it might seem like an impossible task to learn it, and even though you can find books about it, simple text and pictures doesn’t make it easy to understand the hand motions. Well thanx to the YouTube crochet giant CROCHET GEEK there is now a big list of easy to follow beginners videos that clearly shows exactly how to move that hook! This is a video list and it works just like a DVD menu. Just click on the text in the video and you will be swift away to a great video on how to learn that thing! No more excuses, just start yarnbending!