Make your own custom printed circuit board #DIY #CraftersU

Take the step from bread boards to professional looking printed circuit boards without paying through the nose! Also check the video below this one in order to see how the design process works.

Making a paper square without a diagonal crease #DIY #CraftersU

Sure, you could use a ruler in order to measure and make a nice square, but there is a simpler way, just watch this video and learn what it is.

The seriousness of shop safety #DIY #CraftersU

If you think safety in the workshop has become overestimated, you really need to watch this testimonial!

How Digital Light Processing (DLP) works #DIY #CraftersU

If your project requires some sort of video projection, you should consider using DLP projection. It’s superior in many ways, and the science behind it is absolutely amazing!

What is “Rabbet Joints”? #DIY #CraftersU

Learn how to make professional wood rabbet joints and why they are needed, in this excellent tutorial.