How to Create Metal Wine Rack #DIY #CraftersU

Another day to have some metal project. Here we will show you how to create metal wine rack for your personal use. When you get good at it, you can make it a profitable business.

Create metal wine rack now. Do it yourself

Wine racks are tools or devices that store and organize wines. Wine racks are made out of a number of different materials. Their sizes and the number of bottles it can hold depends on how big the creator desires to. They are also good for extra decoration in many different places of the house. You can put them in your kitchen, bar area, dining, bedroom and much more places. They add some sort of elegance.

Wines are popular drinks for number of people. Some studies prove they have health benefits while other studies say they pose risk to health. Of course, if you do not put consumption into moderation, definitely it is risky to your health.

There are different types of wines. The most common are red wine and white wine. It all depends on your preference and taste which to go to. But according to studies, red wines have more health benefits than white wines.

At first try, most people doesn’t like the taste of wines. They have the bitter after taste. But as you get familiar and used to it, you will surely enjoy them. Again depending on your preference.

Wines are made from different sources. Mostly are from fermented fruits. Grapes are the most popular source of them. They make good wines. Other sources are rice, fruit juices, and more. You should try different types of wine to better establish your taste and liking.

Create metal wine rack now. Do it yourself. Come up with a great design and start the work. Enjoy it and appreciate your work after you put some bottles of wines in it.

Make Lava Lamp – Fun Time with Kids #DIY #CraftersU

Looking for exciting cool project to do with your kids? Make lava lamp out of materials you most probably have at home. Easy to make and will definitely bring fun while you are making it with your family.

A lava lamp also called the Astro Lamp is a decorative item that is considered a novelty. This lamp has blobs of colored wax inside its container filled with translucent or clear liquid. The wax falls and rises as its density changes after an effect to heating from a bulb. The lamps can have different colors depending on your choice.

The lamp is consists of a bulb that heats the container with some water and mixture of wax. Water and wax are the main materials of a lava lamp. The wax changes density as it is being heated. Thus creating the moving motion when heated. The basic idea is that as the wax become more dense than water, then it moves up and down inside the container.

When warm, the wax stays at the bottom of the container. When you turn on the bulb, it creates heat enough to heat the wax. This makes the wax move upwards. As the wax moves away from the bulb, the effect of the heat diminishes, thus cools off the wax and makes it move down again. And the ascending and descending cycle continues.

Other people have experimented with lava lamps. Mixing different liquids to create different results. Changing the color to create different colorful variety of lava lamps. Some even put cold liquid in the container (result is outstanding).

In the video, the materials used are oil, water, coloring liquid and seltzer (this replaces the heat factor that makes the liquid move).

Be careful mixing different types of liquid or chemical if you are not sure what would be the effect. Remember, safety comes first especially when making this fun activity with your family.

And of course, if you just want to have a lava lamp without doing this yourself, you can always buy one from your local store or internet. They are basically inexpensive but really brings additional beauty to your home.

How to Create Pallet Furniture for Patio

How to Create Pallet Furniture for Patio – Do It Yourself

Have you ever bought large items delivered over a wooden platform? Or have you ever come across big stores such as Walmart, Costco or Target? Ever wonder what those wooden things holding the deliveries? They are called “pallet”.

Pallet is the foundation of loads which allows handling and storage efficiencies. Products, items or shipping containers are often placed on top of a pallet before they are shipped for a more secured transporting.

Pallets are commonly used for moving large or stacked items. Fork lifts are usually used to transport or move pallets. They usually measure 4 feet x 4 feet and can carry 1 metric ton of load.

The video shows how to make use of pallet as basic material for your patio furniture.

How to Make Metal Box from Soda Can

How to Make Metal Box from Soda Can

Don’t just throw yet your empty soda can. Watch this do it yourself video on how to make metal box from soda can. Bring out your artistic talent in you. Make use of scrap material and make something beautiful out of it.

A scrap metal is a small piece or amount of metal that is a left over, usually good enough to be thrown or trashed. Most of them are recycled and turned into something. Most of these recycling requires melting the metal so it can be molded into something useful again.

In the video, it uses a most common scrap you can find everywhere, a can of soda. It turns the can of soda into a wonderful metal box with beautiful design.

How to Make a Decorative Basket from Craft Paper #DIY #CraftersU

Here is how you can turn craft paper into a beautiful decorative basket. The basket can hold light products and it can be colorful depending on the craft paper color that you choose. Create a new mom gift basket to make her happy. Follow these easy steps and you’ll have your beautiful paper basket in no time. 

If you’re looking to send gift baskets try gifts with a twist gift baskets.