Peeling garlic, the easy way

If you are anything like us, you love the taste of garlic. But is the taste worth the time it takes to peel all those cloves? How many times have you resorted to the dried garlic spice jar simply because you felt you didn’t have the time or patience enough to peel fresh cloves? Well there is good news! Peeling garlic can be extremely easy if you just know the trick. Just take two metal bowls, put the cloves between them as shown in this video from SAVEUR, shake them roughly for ten seconds and you’re done! Now you can add fresh garlic in your food without feeling stressed!


What is carbon fiber?

“Carbon fiber”. Which two words can cause a true maker to have wetter dreams then “Carbon fiber”? Its tougher than steel yet supple and looks gorgeous! But what is it exactly? In this clip we get a rare close-up of what the fibers really look like under the microscope. So just lean back, relax, and take a trip into the inner workings of the great, the only, carbon fiber! And if this video spikes your interest, check out the other videos about carbon fibers.

How to straighten bent saw blades

This is a short but sweet video from John Heisz that deals with a very common tool problem: Many saw blades are thin, delicate and prone to bend out of shape at the most inconvenient of times. Maybe you don’t have any spare blades, or you simply don’t want to waste tools for no reason, in either case there is a beautifully simple way to straighten them out. And all you need is a hammer and a piece of wood! Just watch this video and thank us later.

Inflatable Bag Monsters!

Who among us doesn’t have an increasing heap of plastic shopping bags? Well, what should we do with them? You could throw them away, use them for garbage or… make beautiful artworks out of them! With just waxed paper and an iron, you too can make such beautiful and mesmerizing objects of art as Joshua Allen Harris has done in this video. While this isn’t a tutorial per se, it serves as a constant reminder that what we usually see as cheap, disposable and crappy, can be used to make gorgeous objects. And if you wish to make your own inflatables, we will soon add a video on just how to weld plastic bags together. So keep checking our website!

The versatility of cardboard

Usually we don’t blog about projects that concerns a specific object, but when we saw the Google Cardboard VR project, we simply couldn’t resist. Yes, the VR google is a very cool invention in its own rights, but that is not what made us take notice. It was the fact that they choose to use such a common and underestimated material as cardboard to make it! This video from Tested shows exactly how you can make not only the Google Cardboard but most importantly, how you can make really cool stuff with the simplest of materials. Who cares if it doesn’t have shiny designed surfaces, it works! And if you still want a pretty looking VR google, why not make a printable design for it? If you do, please send us pictures, we would love to see how this open-sourced invention evolves within the crafting community!