Turning garlic into foam?

Do you love the taste of garlic, but have tired of the texture and look of the cloves? Or perhaps you simply want to do something special to wow your guests? Then you should give garlic foam a chance! As MOLECULE-R Flavors show in this video, it is very simple, and can definitely make a difference in your food presentation! So just try it out and your dinner will be the talk of the town!

How a DC motor works

We all uses DC motors in one way or another. Even if you’re not building a machine that have DC motors, you still engage them when you use a machine to brush your teeth, shave your hair or get a buzzing sound from your mobile phone. But do you know how they work? Just check this video from Learn Engineering and see if you actually know all the detailed science that goes into making a modern DC motor.

How to feel when a steak is done

Are you cutting up your steak and peaking inside to find out if it’s rare, medium or well done? Bad mistake! This releases the juices and makes your steak dry and boring. So how do you know when the steak is done? Well thanx to David J Alvarez we can now check the state of our steak by simple touch and compare it with our own body! Just watch this tutorial and start cooking steaks like a professional cook!

Slowing down those tutorials

Video DIY tutorials are great, they can explain methods so much clearer than simple images or text. But they aren’t always perfect. Here at Crafters University, we only collect the most informational and educational DIY videos on the web, but even those can at times be too fast paced for a beginner. In some instances, it may feel like the information is pouring over you like a waterfall, and you just cant keep up. That’s when YouTubes slow motion feature come in handy. Just watch this video from Phrase and learn how to slow down those fast pace moments, making it easier for you to learn! In this particular video a drum set is used, but this trick works for all YouTube videos, especially DIY tutorials.


How to crochet Granny Squares!

This is a special treat! CROCHET GEEK has taken it upon themselves to make a huge library totally dedicated the different ways of making “Granny Squares”! In this video you find a list of 33 different ways of crocheting these beautiful squares, hours of educational pleasure! Just click on the list in the video, it’s just like a DVD menu! This is exactly what Crafters University is looking for: A broad perspective on a narrow field. And if you think “So what, they are just squares” you are missing the point. The squares themselves are not the end of the story, because with these squares you can make larger items like afghan blankets, purses, scarfs, clothes and much much more!

We send out our great appreciation for this excellent library of crochet videos and hope that this is just the beginning of many more such extensive crocheting libraries from CROCHET GEEK!