Giving robots that soft touch

For a human, putting a USB cable into the USB port might seem like a simple task. Sure, you might have to try again by turning the cable 180 degrees, but in a short amount of time, you will succeed. But with a robot, it is not so simple. We humans have an eye-hand coordination that is the result of millions of year of evolution, and now we expect the very same dexterity of recently invented machinery? It is a tall order to fill, no doubt! But thanks to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) there is the beginning of such a sensitive mechanical dexterity, and it is all about Gel!


The benefit of roughing end mills

If you own or have access to a metal milling machine, you should definitely look into buying a roughing end mill. Like NYC CNC testify in this video, roughing end mill can not only reduce the milling time by a huge amount, but also expand the lifespan of your mill bits! It is definitely a worth while investment, and if you don’t believe us, just watch this video!

3D printed Concrete house!

The 3D printing revolution keeps spreading and evolving. So far, most 3D printers can only make objects small enough to fit on a shelf. Some special 3D printers can make object large enough that they barely fit into a normal room. But what if 3D printers could build even bigger objects, like houses? Well, that is no longer a fantasy, because rudenko952 has made just such a 3D printer, capable of printing concrete on the scale of houses! Just watch this video and be amazed at what it can do!

A special thanx to “Blixten” Karlsson for sending in this tip to us!