How to polish acrylic edges

If you have ever worked with acrylic sheets, you know that cutting or sawing them leaves very ugly edges. There are many ways to clean up acrylic edges, some more expensive than others. Here are a number of methods and techniques demonstrated, so you can choose which is the most suitable for you. Flame polishing, random orbital sander, buffing wheel, scraping or using a router. No matter which method you use, your finished acrylic sheet object will look ten times more professional and absolutely gorgeous.

Transfer sheets and a cutting plotter

Transfer sheets are a really fun and easy way to give your textiles a nice pattern. And cutting plotters makes it even easier! As shown in this video from Jadah Doll, transfer sheets are colored sheets with heat activated glue on one side. The glue doesn’t become sticky until you heat it up with an iron, so it’s easy to cut and place out on whatever object you are working with. These sheets can be used on most fabrics and even some non fabric materials. Be sure the material isn’t sensitive to heat though, or you might melt it.

We also get to see a quite rare machine, a so-called cutting plotter. While you can cut these sheet with an ordinary scissor, the cutting plotter is quicker, easier and really cool! Too bad it costs several hundred dollars. But if you do a lot of custom cutting, it may very well be worth it.

Polymer clay

In this tutorial made by Ann Le from Anneorshine polymer clay is used to make cute little accessories such as bow-tie rings and mustache necklaces, but this material can be used in a lot of other projects. Basically, anything you could make from ordinary clay, you can make out of polymer clay. The big difference is that instead of having to buy an expensive kiln, you can use your average run of the mill kitchen oven. That makes this material perfect for small-scale crafts!

Ann Le also shows some neat modeling tricks to get nice shapes and colors, how to attach the pieces to rings and necklaces, and how to protect the paint with gloss varnish. All in all, this is an excellent tutorial which any crafter would find interesting to watch.


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