Letterpress, relief printing and polymer plates.

In this video, Norm from Tested.com investigates the art of letterpress and relief printing and the machines that makes them. While antique machines like the ones in this video is rare and difficult to get a chance to work with, this video shows the fundamental workings and process of Letterpress printing and relief printing. We get to see the different techniques used to make the print, such as movable type in lead, “job sticks”, “furniture”, carved designs and a modern material called “Polymer plate”. In the end the resulting paper print is stunningly beautiful and a valuable hand crafted piece of art.

Almost official!

A great day is drawing near…. At midnight December 31st, Crafters University will officially open its doors! So if you want to be able to say you were a member even before we became an official site, you better hurry up and join right away! It has taken a long time to put everything together, but we feel that we are finally ready to publicly say “Here we are, and were great!”. Now we just have to fill the site with a lot of great content for the next year!

Our very own cool banner!

We’ve just created our very own banner for all of you! You can use this as a link to us from another webpage, or why not print it out on stickers and put it up in your workshop? How about a nice shirt with this image on the back? You are free to do what every you want with this, as long as it is legal. That means that you can’t use this to slander Crafters University or any of our members. But why would you, we are great! And now you can show that fact by using the Crafters University banner!

Crafters University Banner

In order to download this banner to your computer, all you have to do is right-click it at then click “Save image as”. We hope that you will find many new creative ways of using our banner, and if you do, we would love to see pictures!


(The Crafters University Logo has been designed from the 3D model “Ball in vine” designed by Steve Medwin.)