Make your own strip opening packages

If you plan to give away or sell your crafts, you should spend time on designing the package. A gift or product will always be more appreciated if it looks good and professional. One way of doing that is to add a strip to the openings that can be teared away, like padded envelopes have for instance. Thanx to happypuppytruffles we can now learn how to accomplish this with a neat product called “Zipper-Tape”! This can of course also be applied to boxes, jars, bottle necks and any other containers. All in all, a simple way of making your packaging look good and professional!

Futuristic decorations with fiber optics

Have you ever seen walls or ceilings with little tiny light spots on them, like stars in the sky, and though “I wish I could make that…”? Well you can! kipkay made this simple video in which he created this starry effect by using simple LED lights and fiber optic cable. In this case he made a frame for his computer monitor, but this technique is so general that you can apply it on almost everything. So why not make a cosmic picture, wall or even a ceiling? It’s simple, it’s cheap and most important of all, its gorgeous!

The importance of packaging

Many of us create just for the joy of creating. But what if you one day create something that could be so popular, you could earn a living from mass producing and selling it? Well, before you take on a big bank loan and invest your whole life in your product, take a moment to think about how you should package it. It does not matter how genius and great your product is, if you choose the wrong packaging, you still wont attract customers. If you make traditional candy, it might be a good idea to wrap it in brown paper. But if your product is high-tech, and you wrap it in brown paper, no one is going to buy it! Packaging products is a science of its own, but the engineerguy made this video in order to give you a glimpse of what worked before, and it will hopefully give you an idea of how to package your own phenomenal product!

Super easy 3D effect!

Many people may feel that drawing 3D objects is too hard. But if you want to draw an object in 3D there is a very simple trick. In this particular video from Handimania a hand is used, but this technique can be used for most objects. This is one of those tricks that is easy to learn for simple objects but can also be used to draw highly complex geometry in 3D by simple practice. So why wait? Pick up a pencil, a couple of markers and start experimenting today!

How to make a 3D pattern with rhombuses

In this tutorial, Thomas Anton Geurts walks us through the process of making a beautiful 3D pattern from small rhombus shaped pieces. It´s amazing how the simplest of shapes, arranged i certain ways, can create the most beautiful and stunning patterns. In this tutorial Thomas Anton Geurts gives us a step-by-step instruction on how to make a cutting board with this pattern. The cutting board is made of wood, but it’s easy to see that this technique could be used with almost any material. It may take a while to make it, but the result is gorgeous!

We thank Annika for sending in this tip, we really appreciate it!