Super easy 3D effect!

Many people may feel that drawing 3D objects is too hard. But if you want to draw an object in 3D there is a very simple trick. In this particular video from Handimania a hand is used, but this technique can be used for most objects. This is one of those tricks that is easy to learn for simple objects but can also be used to draw highly complex geometry in 3D by simple practice. So why wait? Pick up a pencil, a couple of markers and start experimenting today!

How to make a 3D pattern with rhombuses

In this tutorial, Thomas Anton Geurts walks us through the process of making a beautiful 3D pattern from small rhombus shaped pieces. It´s amazing how the simplest of shapes, arranged i certain ways, can create the most beautiful and stunning patterns. In this tutorial Thomas Anton Geurts gives us a step-by-step instruction on how to make a cutting board with this pattern. The cutting board is made of wood, but it’s easy to see that this technique could be used with almost any material. It may take a while to make it, but the result is gorgeous!

We thank Annika for sending in this tip, we really appreciate it!