How to give your metallic object an old worn look

Whether you are making a cosplay costume, props, model figurines or anything else with a metallic look, you might want to scuff them up to make them look worn and old. This short video from Stan Winston School shows exactly how to do this in a cheap, simple and quick way that still gives you a very realistic effect. Isn’t it amazing how easy some things can be?

Simple lathe cutting and deburring

In this video Adam Savage takes us and Norm from along on a simple but educational project: Cutting of a bit of the back on his metal pocket flashlight. If you have never seen a lathe before, this is the perfect video to start with. Apart from lathe the flash light shorter, Adam also talks about the importance of coolant liquid and demonstrates how to deburr and how not to deburr.

How to polish acrylic edges

If you have ever worked with acrylic sheets, you know that cutting or sawing them leaves very ugly edges. There are many ways to clean up acrylic edges, some more expensive than others. Here are a number of methods and techniques demonstrated, so you can choose which is the most suitable for you. Flame polishing, random orbital sander, buffing wheel, scraping or using a router. No matter which method you use, your finished acrylic sheet object will look ten times more professional and absolutely gorgeous.