The enormous beauty of polymer clay

Usually, we don’t add video tutorials that are extremely specific, but when we saw this video from SugarCharmShop we just couldn’t resist adding it so that all of you can view it. Polymer clay is an excellent sculpting material, but it seems that many people think it is a less serious material then traditional clay, only useful for childish sculptures and so on. This video definitely proves those myths wrong! In this tutorial we get a chance to see the full potential of this material when used by a true master. Just watch and be amazed!

Masters of pottery!

While not a DIY tutorial per-say, we found this video from AMOCA to be so beautiful and inspirational that we could not resist adding it to our collection. Here we can see the huge potential of clay and how the right material in the right hands can result in truly astonishing objects. So just lean back, watch and be amazed!

From garbage to beautiful music

This is a special treat and by far the most jaw dropping and inspirational video we have ever found so far. Landfill Harmonic is an upcoming documentary that portrays how poor people, living on recycling garbage in land fills, use their ingenuity and creativity to recycle the trash into proper musical instruments and even assemble their own orchestra! Recycling doesn’t have to be boring, it can be fun, and in some cases it can even increase people’s life quality to such a high degree that they can’t imagine a life without it! So just lean back, watch, enjoy and wonder about what other wonderful things could be made from landfill garbage…

Painting with colored sand

This is a very nice “Think outside the box” video from smilepharaoh that should inspire anyone interested in art and design. In almost every art/design project, some sort of paint is used that binds permanently to a surface. But there is other ways! In this clip, colored sand is used to fill a bottle so as to make a beautiful piece of art. While the artist in this video is obviously an expert, the basic materials and techniques are cheap and easy enough for anyone to start experimenting with. Ready made colored sand might be tricky to find, but you should be able to make your own by using ordinary beach sand and mix it with food coloring, spread it out on a piece of paper and let it dry. We have not tried this, but in theory it should work. If you try this, please let us know how it works out!

Inflatable Bag Monsters!

Who among us doesn’t have an increasing heap of plastic shopping bags? Well, what should we do with them? You could throw them away, use them for garbage or… make beautiful artworks out of them! With just waxed paper and an iron, you too can make such beautiful and mesmerizing objects of art as Joshua Allen Harris has done in this video. While this isn’t a tutorial per se, it serves as a constant reminder that what we usually see as cheap, disposable and crappy, can be used to make gorgeous objects. And if you wish to make your own inflatables, we will soon add a video on just how to weld plastic bags together. So keep checking our website!