Make a musical instrument from a soda straw

An amazingly simple way to make a musical instrument with only a soda straw and a pair of scissors. Why not try making holes in the straw and turn it into the worlds simplest flute?

Make your own Blue Man Group pipe organ!

Above movie shows Snubby J playing his PVC pipe organ at the “DRS Talent Show”. In the movie below he talks a little about how he made it and the paddles.

This was a difficult choice. Technically these videos does concern crafting, but on the other hand, the instructions is not enough for you to make one your self. Luckily, Snubby J added some links to a great tutorial and a chart of pipe lengths, so we decided in the end to post it here. When it comes down to it, we just loved his performance so much, we found it impossible to leave it alone!