Masters of pottery!

While not a DIY tutorial per-say, we found this video from AMOCA to be so beautiful and inspirational that we could not resist adding it to our collection. Here we can see the huge potential of clay and how the right material in the right hands can result in truly astonishing objects. So just lean back, watch and be amazed!

Super heat-absorbing ceramic tiles

Cant take the heat? Then you might need ceramics! This is one of many interesting videos in a series called “Material Marvels” that you can watch on Yale University’s YouTube channel. In this particular video, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science at Yale Dr. Ainissa Ramirez, explains how sand, in the form as silica, can be used to make heat absorbing ceramic tiles, such as those used on the space shuttle. With its low heat conductivity, it can be touched by unprotected fingers mere centimeters from where a blow torch has heated it to glow red-hot. Now that is good insulation!