Cast your model in concrete!

When most people think about how to make their thing, they tend to think in metals, woods or plastic. But consider casting your object out of concrete. It´s much easier they you might think, as demonstrated in this video:

3D printing glass or carbon fibers!

This may very well be the next revolution in 3D printing, being able to embed glass fiber or even carbon fiber into parts to get super strong prints!

3D printed Concrete house!

The 3D printing revolution keeps spreading and evolving. So far, most 3D printers can only make objects small enough to fit on a shelf. Some special 3D printers can make object large enough that they barely fit into a normal room. But what if 3D printers could build even bigger objects, like houses? Well, that is no longer a fantasy, because rudenko952 has made just such a 3D printer, capable of printing concrete on the scale of houses! Just watch this video and be amazed at what it can do!

A special thanx to “Blixten” Karlsson for sending in this tip to us!

How to make concrete objects easy!

Have you ever wanted to make concrete object but felt it seemed to difficult? Then you should definitely watch this simple tutorial from TheSorryGirls that demonstrates just how easy and cheap it can be! By using concrete powder, water and recycled containers, they make beautiful concrete pots. But this technique is so general in nature that you can use it in order to make any shaped concrete object. So let yourself get into the hard stuff and start a concrete project!

What is carbon fiber?

“Carbon fiber”. Which two words can cause a true maker to have wetter dreams then “Carbon fiber”? Its tougher than steel yet supple and looks gorgeous! But what is it exactly? In this clip we get a rare close-up of what the fibers really look like under the microscope. So just lean back, relax, and take a trip into the inner workings of the great, the only, carbon fiber!