Put tassels on every crochet

If you like tassels but are unsure how to fix them to your crochet pieces, then this is the video for you. It is a very simple process, and thanx to the excellent job of Craft Life, it is even simpler to understand. You can use this technique for any crochet piece, not just scarfs. Enjoy!

Easy yarn flowers for decorations

Sometimes, techniques are the difference between complicated looking things and easy looking things. This is one of the easy crafts that gives a complicated look. Here, Jacy from Craft Life shows us how easy it is to make a flower ornament from any yarn by only using a rod, like a pen or a marker. Glue a button to it and it looks great! But we don’t want you to stop there! Why not try to apply this technique to tiny things, like toothpicks, or really big things like the stem of a great big oak tree! We truly think you will find thousands of cool experiments and design ideas with this simple technique!

Transfer sheets and a cutting plotter

Transfer sheets are a really fun and easy way to give your textiles a nice pattern. And cutting plotters makes it even easier! As shown in this video from Jadah Doll, transfer sheets are colored sheets with heat activated glue on one side. The glue doesn’t become sticky until you heat it up with an iron, so it’s easy to cut and place out on whatever object you are working with. These sheets can be used on most fabrics and even some non fabric materials. Be sure the material isn’t sensitive to heat though, or you might melt it.

We also get to see a quite rare machine, a so-called cutting plotter. While you can cut these sheet with an ordinary scissor, the cutting plotter is quicker, easier and really cool! Too bad it costs several hundred dollars. But if you do a lot of custom cutting, it may very well be worth it.