Origami paper everywhere!

Have you wanted to learn origami, but never found a place to buy real origami paper? Or perhaps you believe it would be too expensive? If so, you are wrong on both counts! You don’t need specialty paper to do origami, in fact, most of what you would ordinarily throw in the trash could have been used to make beautiful origami art. Don’t believe us? Then just watch this frugal video from happypuppytruffles (our favorite origami YouTube channel) and learn the real value of ordinary paper! After watching this video, we wouldn’t be surprised if you start looking around in your paper waste basket for those excellent scraps of origami paper 🙂

Origami tape!

We bet you already know what origami is. It is the art of making objects by folding paper. Usually origami paper is squared, but happypuppytruffles is here to introduce a whole new form of origami papers to you: The origami tape! No, it is not a sticky tape like Scotch tape, it is just a small stripe of plain origami paper. We hear you thinking ( So if it’s just normal origami paper, what good is it?). Well that is exactly what happypuppytruffles are here to demonstrate, so just sit back and enjoy the show!

Amazing origami robot wheels!

Did you think origami where only useful for paper decorations? Then guess again! Dae-Young Lee, Ji-Suk Kim, Jae-Jun Park, Sa-Reum Kim and Kyu-Jin Cho from Seoul National University has realized the power of origami and created incredible morphable robot wheels explained in this video from IEEE Spectrum. When the robot needs to get over obstacles, the wheel can be expanded, and when it needs to get into tight spaces, the wheels can shrink to fit. In this case, special pattern embedded fabric is used, but we can’t see any reason these wheels can’t be made from thick paper. It would be more fragile of course, but still really cool.

In the video below from our favorite origami channel happypuppytruffles, you can learn how to do the “Magic Ball” origami pattern that these wheels are based on. Happy folding!

Super easy paper flowers!

Who doesn’t like flower decorations? But how do you make them look realistic without an expertise in origami? Well thanx to happypuppytruffles you can now make super realistic paper flowers in many variations! Just use thin paper or even tissue paper and you could make gorgeous flower decorations super easy! We haven’t tried it, but are willing to bet that you could even use toilet paper to achieve the same gorgeous result! Preferably unused toilet paper though 😛

The fascinating science of paper airplanes

Become the expert of paper airplanes! World record holder John Collins, ThePaperAirplaneGuy, is THE master of paper airplanes. Approaching the subject like a scientist, John has found out the deep secrets of what makes different paper airplanes work in their specific ways. Watching this video is not just an excellent way to learn how to make your own flying paper objects, but also a chance to see how such a seemingly simple thing as a paper airplane has tremendous depth, physics, and science attached to it. Whether you want to learn how to fold different paper flying objects or study scientific inquiries, this video is definitely for you!