Make Hollywood grade costumes for cheap

Do you think foam sheets can’t be used for Hollywood grade suits? Then check out the video below! Foam materials are vastly underrated and have enormous potential, especially when it comes to props, costumes and movie-making! In this video, we hope you will be convinced that foam materials doesn’t only look great, it is also a very cheap and easy way of making beautiful costumes! Many thanks to Indy Mogul, not only for making this technique accessible for everyone, but also for their astonishing work on making a Hollywood grade 12 minute Sci-Fi short film on a backyard budget! Indy Mogul rocks!

Advanced character costumes

Norm from interviews Frank Ippolito about his finally finished Zoidberg ( character from the cartoon series “Futurama”). In this video Frank takes us through the process of making a highly advanced full body costume with lifelike mask, hands, feet and animatronics. The project has taken him many months, which really shows in the excellent result. While this project is too advanced for beginners, it is still very interesting to see all the processes, materials, parts, painting and more that goes in to creating an advance special effects costume like this.

If you want to see how the mask was painted, please watch Airbrushing 101.

Airbrushing 101

One big problem with making special effects masks is how to make them look realistic. Shape has definitely something to do with it, but without the right surface color, it will never be accepted as a realistic mask. In this video, Norm from studies Frank Ippolito while he is painting his latest project, an imitation mask of the Zoidberg character from Futurama, and we get to see all he’s tricks and techniques in making this challenging project look realistic.

If you want to see the finished Zoidberg costume with animatronics, please watch Advanced character costumes.

How to make latex zombie flesh

“Nurnies” are thin layers of latex rubber, rubbed to produce stringy flexible structures. These are very handy in zombie special effects and can be used for skin damage, ripping flesh, gore and much more. In this video  HELLRAISER’s makeup effects creator, Gary J. Tunnicliffe from Stan Winston School shows us how easy it is to make and apply them.

Clone your teeth!

In special FX, actors teeth often has to look different. It could be as simple as painting on discoloration or as complex as doing a scary set of false teeth, made to perfectly fit inside the actors mouth. This video deals with the latter. Mark Viniello from Stan Winston School demonstrates how a teeth mould and finally a cast of the teeth are made from sodium alginate and dental stone. This cast can then be used as a base when building up materials on it, to resemble the scary FX teeth. Sodium alginate is in general a very interesting material that can be used for many crafting projects, we doubt this is the last time you will see it mentioned on our site.