Advanced character costumes

Norm from interviews Frank Ippolito about his finally finished Zoidberg ( character from the cartoon series “Futurama”). In this video Frank takes us through the process of making a highly advanced full body costume with lifelike mask, hands, feet and animatronics. The project has taken him many months, which really shows in the excellent result. While this project is too advanced for beginners, it is still very interesting to see all the processes, materials, parts, painting and more that goes in to creating an advance special effects costume like this.

If you want to see how the mask was painted, please watch Airbrushing 101.

Airbrushing 101

One big problem with making special effects masks is how to make them look realistic. Shape has definitely something to do with it, but without the right surface color, it will never be accepted as a realistic mask. In this video, Norm from studies Frank Ippolito while he is painting his latest project, an imitation mask of the Zoidberg character from Futurama, and we get to see all he’s tricks and techniques in making this challenging project look realistic.

If you want to see the finished Zoidberg costume with animatronics, please watch Advanced character costumes.

How to make a lifecast of someone

In this tutorial, special effects artist Frank Ippolito shows Will and Norm from how to make a lifecast out of someone. Whenever a special effects artist needs to change the face of someone, and don’t want to use computer graphics, rubber masks are usually the only alternative left. If the change is small, you might be able to build up directly on the skin, but for more elaborate projects, a casting mould of the actor or person is essential. From this mould you can then a lot of cool masks, perfectly fit for the persons facial shapes. This video shows us how to make just such a mould.