The winner: Superheroes against cancer!

It’s time to reveal who won the last giveaway contest (and show Dr Octopus). The winner of these Handy Mascot kits is Yahya Can. He wish to give them to an organization that I think is brilliant, “Superhjältar mot cancer” (Superheroes against cancer). These guys dress up as superheroes and visit children in the hospital, bringing joy and hope to those unfortunate that has been struck down by cancer!

A thousand thanx to you Yahya for letting us all know about this charity.

Please share this video with all your friends so that as many as possible learn about this fantastic organization “Superhjältar mot Cancer”. And if you can, please donate to them so they can continue bringing smiles to the children’s faces! I have decided to give 10 dollars for each Handy Mascot kit I sell for the rest of this year (2014), just to lead by example. You can find them here: Handy Mascot Kit

Yahya also have a Swedish blog, check it out!

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