Free and easy milling software

Small consumer milling machines are becoming more and more popular these days, and it can be a huge benefit to have your own CNC mill at home, not to mention that they are much cheaper than laser cutters. But how do you control the machine? Most consumer CNC mills are 2.5D mills, that is, they are mainly used to cut things out of sheets. If that is the kind of mill you have or are interested in, good news! has a simple program that you can use to turn a black and white image into CNC programming for your mill! You don’t even have to install any program, since it works directly in your web browser. In this video, I Like To Make Stuff gives us a walk through how it works and what to keep in mind when milling out pieces at home. Just watch and enjoy!

Making pop-up “3D” paper ornaments

Whenever you want to ornament anything, you have a choice. Either make the ornament flat as a pancake, which could look very good in an ordinary way, or you could make it lift of the surface and created a 3D effect. This video from simplekidscrafts show an extremely easy way of making ordinary flat paper patterns turn into 3D objects that lifts out of the surface. This while using nothing else then transparent tape and a pair of scissors! It can even fold down inside a greeting card, a lid or even be gift-rapped, and still pop up when it is exposed. If you are at all interested in ornaments and design, you need to watch this video!

How to make a 3D pattern with rhombuses

In this tutorial, Thomas Anton Geurts walks us through the process of making a beautiful 3D pattern from small rhombus shaped pieces. It´s amazing how the simplest of shapes, arranged i certain ways, can create the most beautiful and stunning patterns. In this tutorial Thomas Anton Geurts gives us a step-by-step instruction on how to make a cutting board with this pattern. The cutting board is made of wood, but it’s easy to see that this technique could be used with almost any material. It may take a while to make it, but the result is gorgeous!

We thank Annika for sending in this tip, we really appreciate it!