How to fix and optimize your airbrush

Many makers and crafters use airbrushes for those extra special details, but for a beginner it can be a bit vexing. Airbrush Action Magazine has a lot of information about this subject, and in this video airbrush legend Terry Hill walk us through the best error checking procedure and optimizing tricks to make your airbrushing problem much easier. If you are thinking about taking up airbrushing, you should definitely watch this valuable tutorial!

Super easy droplet effect painting

Tony D. is a wiz when it comes to painting. In this tutorial he demonstrates how easy it is to make an awesome droplet effects using…real water droplets! Perhaps you have seen this on water-ski boards, hockey helmets or any other object and wondered how long it took them to paint those gorgeous drops? The answer is: A couple of seconds! This is one of the few times a painting effect is achieved by using the very same stuff it is supposed to look like, namely water!

The beauty of foam and epoxy

In this video, Norm from Tested interviews effects artist Frank Ippolito about the full size dragon head/torso he and his team made for a computer game company. While their model might be to big and expensive for most hobbyist to make, the technique they use can easily be adapted on smaller models to get a beautifully sculpted hard surface without paying thousands of dollars for fiberglass or vacuum-forming. And the result is not only tough but also easy to mold, sand and paint. What cool projects could you do with this technique?

Airbrushing 101

One big problem with making special effects masks is how to make them look realistic. Shape has definitely something to do with it, but without the right surface color, it will never be accepted as a realistic mask. In this video, Norm from studies Frank Ippolito while he is painting his latest project, an imitation mask of the Zoidberg character from Futurama, and we get to see all he’s tricks and techniques in making this challenging project look realistic.

If you want to see the finished Zoidberg costume with animatronics, please watch Advanced character costumes.