Grilling your steak directly on the coal?

Are you placing your meet on a cooking grate when you grill it? Then you are missing out! Alton Brown knows the benefits of grilling directly on top of the coals, and he shares this insight in this mouth-watering video. Not only that, he also explains why the skirt a steak is his favorite and how to properly handle it. So the next time you light up that grill, make the food taste extra flavorful with this unusual trick!

The enormous beauty of polymer clay

Usually, we don’t add video tutorials that are extremely specific, but when we saw this video from SugarCharmShop we just couldn’t resist adding it so that all of you can view it. Polymer clay is an excellent sculpting material, but it seems that many people think it is a less serious material then traditional clay, only useful for childish sculptures and so on. This video definitely proves those myths wrong! In this tutorial we get a chance to see the full potential of this material when used by a true master. Just watch and be amazed!

How to choose your bacon

Here comes two great tips from CrazyRussianHacker on how to cut your bacon, but most importantly how to choose which bacon package to buy at the store. He shows us how much fat a nice looking package of bacon can have, and it’s almost scary. Many thanx to CrazyRussianHacker for opening our eyes and teach us how to see through this illusion!

How to make REAL grilled cheese sandwiches

Alton Brown does not like the usual grilled cheese sandwiches. The bread is grilled, sure, but not the cheese! Here he kindly teaches us the TRUE meaning of the words “Grilled Cheese Sandwich”. Now listen carefully, he will not tell you again!