How to use flocking to enhance your yoxes! #DIY #CraftersU #Boxes

Flocking is commonly used in lining the drawers of boxes and cases. It leaves a soft velvety feel and adds a touch of class to your projects. Heres how to do it.

Bend wood into boxes #DIY #CraftersU

Wood is rigid and unbendable, right? Wrong! With the right technique, you can bend wood into almost any shape, like oval boxes for instance.

Polymer clay for beginners part 3

In this third installment of polymer clay for beginners, our favorite polymer clay channel PuddingFishCakes explains how to store your material. This is an issue that is easily forgotten, but most materials are susceptible to the environment and can absorb dust, moisture and many other airborne particles. This can change the materials property in a negative way and that is why storage is such an important issue. So if you are an avid polymer clay user, you should definitely watch this video!