How to do single stroke casual lettering

Master pinstriper Glen Weisgerber is back with yet another great pinstripe lettering tutorial. This time it is the single stroke casual font that is the object of study, but he also reveals an old tried and true technique using what is called a “Mahl stick”. Just watch this video from Airbrush Action Magazine and start making those snappy looking texts!

The enormous beauty of polymer clay

Usually, we don’t add video tutorials that are extremely specific, but when we saw this video from SugarCharmShop we just couldn’t resist adding it so that all of you can view it. Polymer clay is an excellent sculpting material, but it seems that many people think it is a less serious material then traditional clay, only useful for childish sculptures and so on. This video definitely proves those myths wrong! In this tutorial we get a chance to see the full potential of this material when used by a true master. Just watch and be amazed!

Glazing pieces for beginners

The difference between a glazed an a non glazed piece can be as big as night and day. Sure, sometimes you want that matt surface, but it’s when you want a nice shiny surface that you need to know how to glaze. You could do it the hard way, painting thin layers of glaze, waiting for it to dry and then repeat this process over and over to get that beautiful deep glaze, but that can take days. A simpler way is to simply dip your piece in varnish and hang it to dry. This can be done, but to get a good result, you will need to know exactly what kind of varnish to buy. This is where PuddingFishCakes extensive experience comes in to help us choose the right product from all the thousands of glazing products out there. This knowledge will make your crafting life so much easier, so we seriously recommend watching this video!

How to draw butterflies simply

When it comes to drawing, the most difficult shapes are the ones with a lot of curves in them. Animals typically have a lot of curves, which makes them extraordinarily hard to draw, but there is one animal that is an exception: The butterfly. In this simple tutorial, Sea Lemon show us how simple it is to make realistic drawings of butterflies which can be used for decorations and much more!

How to paint with masking fluid

We all know about masking tape, but do you know what masking fluid is? Well Jessica Joaquin is here to show us what it is, and we have to say, this is an extraordinary handy material. Imagine masking a complex curved line on paper or on an object with masking tape. The only way to do it is to tear the tape down to itty bitty pieces and carefully puzzle them around the curves. A very slow and tedious work! But what if you could apply the masking tape with a simple painting brush? Much easier right?

Just watch this and save yourself a lot of tedious work in future projects! Also, bookmark the Lunapic site mentioned in this video, it is a great free tool to use for simple image and photo manipulations. You don’t even have to install any program!