How to make your own handy mascot!

If you are here, you have probably seen our cool introductory video of the new Barrii mascot and want to know how it was done and how to make one for yourself! You can download all the necessary files by clicking here and start designing a personalized mascot right away.

The video above will take you through the assembling process, and the video below will show how our particular design was made. You are welcome to copy and imitate, or create a unique mascot just for you. You can even change the 3D models into something completely different if you like! We would love to see a video of your mascot when you are done!

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Making fake candy

Who doesn’t like candy, i ask you who?! Of-course, they are full of sugar and other unhealthy things, but now there is a solution: Fake candy!  Sure, it doesn’t taste as good, and could suffocate you if you try to eat it, but man, do they look great! In this excellent instructional video from simplekidscrafts you can learn how to make fake ornamental candy from ordinary objects like beads, colorful paper, tape, yarn, toothpicks and much more. This particular video shows how to make miniature candy for dolls, but you could easily scale it up. How about making a wrapped candy out of a bowling ball?!