Crochet basic: The chain stitch

If you have never tried crochet ever, it may feel a bit intimidating to ask for help. What if they think your silly or stupid? Usually, people who like crochet want others to try it and they would love to introduce you to it. They would never laugh at you or ridicule you for not knowing the basics. But if you still want to know the absolute basics of crochet, just to feel a bit informed, then CROCHET GEEK is here to help. In this video they will teach you how to make the absolutely simplest of crochet stitches, the chain stitch. This is used in nearly every crochet project and without a doubt the best place to begin learning! And if your left-handed, don’t worry, they made a video for that to and you can find it below.

Put tassels on every crochet

If you like tassels but are unsure how to fix them to your crochet pieces, then this is the video for you. It is a very simple process, and thanx to the excellent job of Craft Life, it is even simpler to understand. You can use this technique for any crochet piece, not just scarfs. Enjoy!

How to crochet the “chain stitch”

The crochet “chain stitch” is a common type of crochet technique. Anybody who is interested in crochet should definitely watch this tutorial video from CROCHET GEEK and learn how this simple but often recurring technique works. If you happen to be left-handed, don’t worry, they also made a video for you and we have included it below 🙂 If you feel that some parts of the video are a bit fast paced, you can always slow down the video by using the trick mention in this blog:

Slowing down those tutorials