Barrii saves the day!

One day when I was running around town doing business, I suddenly felt a sudden urge to visit a bathroom. Now you know how it goes, you don’t want to wear your jacket or coat while sitting down on the toilet, but sometimes the bathroom doesn’t have hooks on the walls, or the hooks are placed so low, that the jacket would still touch the filthy floor, like this:

Hooks to low

So what to do? I suddenly become extremely happy over the fact that I have invented the handy mascot “Barrii” that functions as portable hooks! The hands can grip almost any edge, and that’s how I was able to keep my jacket of the filthy floor like this:

Barrii coat hanger

My dear Barrii helped me out and kept my jacket clean while I was busy doing 🙂 All the time I was thinking “I have really made an awesome invention here!”. Now I hear you asking “How does this help me?” and my answer is: You can actually make this handy mascot for your self! I have chosen to give away this invention for free so you can make your own handy mascot and design it according to your own taste! Just read this post to find out how to make one for yourself:

How to make your own handy mascot!

Introducing Barrii!

Check out our cool mascot, Barrii! She´s not just a great looking mascot, but also a handywoman that can help keep that coat or tool of the floor! Watch this awesome clip, and if you would like to have and design your own, check out “How to make your own handy mascot!“.

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