Steampunk encounter

Today, as i was on my way home from a local mall, i noticed a very well dressed gentleman on the tram with a top hat and a pair of beautiful steampunk goggles. “Nice!” i remarked as i passed him by, and he nodded as to say “Thanks!”. Then, due to a failure of the tram, we got a chance to chit-chat, and i asked him about the goggles. It turned out that he had not just made them himself, he was also a member in a local steampunk society in my town! So i just had to ask him for a photo so i could show it to you all. His name is Peter Markusson, and he explained that the goggles were very easy to make, using nothing but a gear and the innards of an old watch. Sometimes the simple solutions are truly the best ones! If you want to ask him more about steampunk crafts, why not contact him on his Facebook page.

Peter Markusson

Thread the sausage!

I just stumbled upon a Swedish children’s food recipe site with a brilliant idea. Why not cut up hot-dogs into small discs and penetrate them with raw spaghetti sticks before putting them in the boiling water? The result looks really cool and could make any dinner guest scratch their head in disbelief. And if you don’t like meat, why not try it with carrots? I just have to try this one out some day! 🙂

Thread the Sausage

Thread the sausage 2

Finding new solutions

Tonight i was at a bar with some of my acquaintance at an after work event. Needed to cool down and take a break, i went outside into the cool winter air and found a women standing by her self. I apologize for almost bumping into her, and stood aside to light my cigarette. Then i noticed that she had a white thin cane and realized she was blind. I didn’t want to make a big deal of it, so i was quiet for a while, but then i noticed that she was twiddling around with an object in her hand. At first i couldn’t quite make it out, it looked like a black square with a lot of buttons on it…Secretly watching her, i suddenly realized it was a Rubik’s cube, but without the colors! She had a Rubik’s cube with different shaped buttons where the colors used to be! HOW COOL IS THAT?! I just couldn’t bite my tongue and had to ask her about it. She told me that a friends had made it as a gift to her. I asked her if i could take a picture of it and her, to put on this site, and she gracefully agreed. Unfortunately my hands was shaking a bit, but with the help from a total stranger, i got the following picture of her and her really cool Rubik’s cube! I just love this kind of creative craftsmanship!

Rubicks Cube with Buttons!

I never got to know her name, since she preferred to be anonymous. But luckily she allowed me to take a picture of her and put up on this site…now how about that beautiful smile!

The Anonymous Rubicks Cube Lady

Good luck to you, in whatever you try to accomplish in the future, anonymous lady! You just made my day! 🙂


Necessity is the mother of invention

While i was in a local store, buying some goods, i noticed something strange. The credit card reader had a packet of gum next to it…. I asked the women behind the counter why it was there, and she said that she put it there to keep the credit card reader machine from wobbling around, since the holder for it was too big. I was extremely impressed, because this is the sort of thinking “out of the box” that is so hard for most, but comes so naturally for some. The fact that she worked at the store, and have seen the gum packets thousands of times, does NOT make the idea easier, in fact studies have shown that in a situation like that, you are more likely to become blind to what other purposes you can make out of a product, except for that which is pre-planned. In my mind, she is a true genius! ALL HAIL SALLY!


Gum packet next to a credit card reader


This is Sally, the McGyver of this whole story:

Sally, the genius