Make Hollywood grade costumes for cheap

Do you think foam sheets can’t be used for Hollywood grade suits? Then check out the video below! Foam materials are vastly underrated and have enormous potential, especially when it comes to props, costumes and movie-making! In this video, we hope you will be convinced that foam materials doesn’t only look great, it is also a very cheap and easy way of making beautiful costumes! Many thanks to Indy Mogul, not only for making this technique accessible for everyone, but also for their astonishing work on making a Hollywood grade 12 minute Sci-Fi short film on a backyard budget! Indy Mogul rocks!

From computer to carbon fiber

In these three videos (part 2 and 3 below) you will get an in-depth and detailed lesson in how to make a complete carbon fiber part from a computer model. All the steps from making an exact prototype from computer printouts, strategies on mould splits and how making the final part are in these videos. All the while, using professional tricks and techniques. This without having to use a 3D printer! Anyone interested in making a carbon fiber part of their idea, should definitely watch this! However, if the amount of time and energy it takes to follow these instructions seems too much, check if you could use pre-made carbon fiber products for your build instead. You can find an excellent video about them here.

Part 2:

Part 3:

How to scribe, cut and fold metal sheets

In this video, Will from follows Adam Savage ( Mythbusters ) as he make a new quick access holder for his multi-tool. We like Adam, because even though he makes really specific things, he takes the time to teach general tips and tricks as he goes along. This video is just such a tutorial, and even if you do not want a multi-tool holder, watching this will teach you a lot about the process of scribing, cutting and folding metal sheets. In this case  the metal is aluminium, but the techniques he demonstrates here is the same for any metal sheet, except for the use of a chisel as a metal bending tool. Not mentioned in this video is how to remove the layout fluid after the piece is done, but almost any solvent will do, even nail polish remover. Adam will also, unwittingly, teach you the value of thinking things through before taking actions 🙂

Making carbon fiber parts for cheap

This is an absolutely excellent tutorial on how to make carbon fiber pieces for cheap! Did you think making carbon fiber parts was messy, expensive and complicated? Well, unless you’re doing some curved shapes, you’re wrong! For most applications, there are pre-made carbon fiber products, such as carbon fiber planes, carbon fiber profiles, even carbon fiber parts that you can buy for a couple of bucks and change yourself with ordinary cheap tools. If you have a hacksaw, you can cut carbon fiber products! Just make sure you follow the safety advice in this video because even though carbon fiber products aren’t toxic, it can cause you a lot of irritations if you do not use proper safety.