The beauty of foam and epoxy

In this video, Norm from Tested interviews effects artist Frank Ippolito about the full size dragon head/torso he and his team made for a computer game company. While their model might be to big and expensive for most hobbyist to make, the technique they use can easily be adapted on smaller models to get a beautifully sculpted hard surface without paying thousands of dollars for fiberglass or vacuum-forming. And the result is not only tough but also easy to mold, sand and paint. What cool projects could you do with this technique?

The usefulness of mattress foam and aluminium wires

When Adam Savage heard that Patton Oswalt was looking for a Doctor Octopus costume, he got a brilliant idea of how it could be done easily and cheaply, as he explains to Norm from in this clip. But this is not the reason we wanted to add this video, instead we would like to point out that this technique is much more useful. You could basically do any kind of poseable light weight life form with only foam, armature wire and paint. Want to make a life-sized alien for the Halloween party? No problem, just create a rough skeleton out of the wires, glue some foam on it and spray pant it to likeness!