Futuristic decorations with fiber optics

Have you ever seen walls or ceilings with little tiny light spots on them, like stars in the sky, and though “I wish I could make that…”? Well you can! kipkay made this simple video in which he created this starry effect by using simple LED lights and fiber optic cable. In this case he made a frame for his computer monitor, but this technique is so general that you can apply it on almost everything. So why not make a cosmic picture, wall or even a ceiling? It’s simple, it’s cheap and most important of all, its gorgeous!

Make your own plastic parts!

Norm and Frank Ippolito from Tested has made this interesting and highly useful tutorial on the subject of resin casting. If you have ever wanted a duplicate of something for cheap, you should definitely watch this video! Or why not make two copies…or ten…or a thousand? You wont find any simpler and cheaper way to mass-produce your own objects at home!