Outfitting the Kitchen

This is a very interesting talk by Adam Savage from Mythbusters and Will and Norm from Tested about what they consider to be the most important tools of the kitchen. While this subject is highly subjective, and opinion will differ widely depending on whom you ask, this trio has great arguments for why their opinion is what it is. Whether you agree with them or not, this talk should give you several new viewpoints about cooking utensils and strategies. Enjoy!

Making your own peanutbutter

Alton Brown likes peanut Butter….a lot! In fact he loves it so much that he couldn’t stop eating it while making this video, so they had to subtitle it! But he doesn’t just go to the supermarket and buy ready-made peanut butter, ooh no, he makes it himself and improves upon it. In this quick and easy tutorial, he dishes out good advice on how to make it taste better, and even add things like chile oil or chocolate to make it stand out. So what are you waiting for? Start buttering up today!

How to make a glowing goo (non Newtonian liquid)

#craftersu #diy #Physics

This is a tutorial for all you physics nerds out there. Have you heard about “non Newtonian liquid”? It is a really weird liquid that turns into a solid when hit with sudden impact. You can juggle it like balls, but as soon as you stop moving, this material turns into a fluid and runs right through your fingers. Used for such high-tech applications as bulletproofing, shock absorbing, motorcycle protection and much more, the area of non Newtonian liquid is open for new applications and innovations. Some have even used it to fill big containers and been able to run across it! What great new invention could you make with this stuff? In this video by Grant Thompson you can learn how to make this magical goo, and even make it glow under UV light with the use of common household items. And its safe to eat even! Probably doesn’t taste very good though 😛