Dear Crafters University follower.

Due to a change in my life, I have found myself with a lot less time on my hands. Until now I have spent quite a lot of time sharing the brilliant DIY videos iv´e found with you all on different social medias, but sadly I don’t have the time for that anymore. I will still find the best DIY videos on YouTube and add it to Crafters University, but I need your help with sharing them. All new videos are automatically added to Crafters University’s different social medias pages such as Facebook, tumblr, TwitterGoogle+ and you can even subscribe to the site with your email if you wish.

But it´s not enough to just be a repository of information, people need to know it exists in order for it to be valuable. So I need your help with sharing these videos. The video creators definitely deserves the attention and anyone that is even slightly interested in crafts and DIY can find a treasure trove of inspiration and knowledge at Crafters University. So please, subscribe to any of Crafters University’s social media pages, or the website itself, and share these brilliant videos with you friends and family. Not only will I be grateful for your help, but your friends and family will thank you for sending them fascinating DIY insight!

Thankfully yours