What is Repoussé?

Have you ever noticed those amazing metal ornaments on hollywood movie armour? Where the metal has been formed into a 3D pattern, often with beautiful curves and patterns? This is what is called “repoussé”, and it’s much easier to make then you might think. With modern materials like rubber or craft foam, you can make your own repoussé art with extremely cheap and simple tools. Just watch this video from David Guyton, grab a thin sheet of brass and start making amazing art! In this tutorial an ornament is made for armour, but this technique can just as well be used to make ornaments for furniture, steam punk designs or even wall art!

The simplest wooden pliers in the world!

To craft is one thing, but to create something with the least amount of steps and in the simplest possible way is an art. Once in a blue moon we find tutorials that are so easy, so geniously simple, that our jaws drop. This video from woodcraftmarketing is one of those rare tutorials. Imagine making a set of wooden pliers from just one piece of wood and ten strategically placed cuts. Can’t be done? Then watch this and be amazed! If you want to try this at home, be sure to have bandages ready, because this technique will require the knife to come in contact with your thumb. So in your first attempt, you will probably cut yourself a little. But what great piece of art has ever been made without a little pain right?

How to sew many layers of leather together

Leather is a great crafting material. It is so tough, it can withstand years of wear and tear without looking bad or failing. But this toughness can become a problem when many layers of leather needs to be sewn together. If you want all edges to be folded in for a neat look, and connected to other pieces of leather, you can find your self trying to push a needle through 8 layers of leather at once, or even more! This is very hard to do, unless you already have a hole through them all. This is what you can do with a awl haft, and Bruce Cheaney has made this tutorial video on how this is done. In this particular video he is making a saddle, but this technique can be used for any thick leather parts. Even if you only want to make a purse, this will be an extremely handy technique to know and use!

Start a fire with….a hammer?

Even though we definitively don’t want to encourage smoking, we found this short video from nyblacksmith to have such a high educational value that we couldn’t resist adding it to our collection. By hammering a cold piece of steel over and over in rapid succession, the friction energy from the hammer heats up the piece so much, it can lit a cigarette. This is an excellent demonstration of how hot things can get from friction, and therefore how important it is to avoid friction in mechanical devices. But again, we do not want anyone to smoke! This video may be very clever, but smoking is really stupid.