Origami paper everywhere!

Have you wanted to learn origami, but never found a place to buy real origami paper? Or perhaps you believe it would be too expensive? If so, you are wrong on both counts! You don’t need specialty paper to do origami, in fact, most of what you would ordinarily throw in the trash could have been used to make beautiful origami art. Don’t believe us? Then just watch this frugal video from happypuppytruffles (our favorite origami YouTube channel) and learn the real value of ordinary paper! After watching this video, we wouldn’t be surprised if you start looking around in your paper waste basket for those excellent scraps of origami paper 🙂

Fixing woodworking mistakes

Mistakes will happen. You might think you are bad at woodworking because you make mistakes now and then, but the truth is, even the experts makes mistakes! The only difference between an amateur woodworker and a professional one is knowing how to repair those mistakes. There are many tricks and techniques that you can use to fix such mistakes and Woodworking with The Wood Whisperer made this extraordinarily educational video just to teach you how to do it. And the best part is: It’s not going to cost you more than a tube of Superglue!

Recycle plastic bags as textiles

Do you have drawers full of plastic shopping bags and don’t know what to do with them? Well, why not make plastic material out of them and use them instead of fabric? Its easier than you think! Back before Bre Pettis co-founded the 3D printer company “Makerbot Industries” he was a DIY blogger for Make: In this particular video blog, he and Anda from Etsy walks us through the few simple steps necessary to turn bags into heavy duty plastic, good enough to replace any fabric. So grab your iron and start crafting!

How to weld plastic sheets together super easy!

In a previously added video (Inflatable Bag Monsters!) you can see that ordinary plastic bags and garbage bags can be used to make balloon like art that moves around, but how can you weld all those pieces of plastics together? Well its extremely simple, as this video from ThreadBanger (Man Vs. Pin) shows. Here, plastic tarp is used to make a big water mattress like object, but the basic process of welding can be used for almost any soft plastic sheets and many different purposes. And best of all, if you use old shopping/garbage bags, you’ll get to recycle in the most gratifying way possible!

Inflatable Bag Monsters!

Who among us doesn’t have an increasing heap of plastic shopping bags? Well, what should we do with them? You could throw them away, use them for garbage or… make beautiful artworks out of them! With just waxed paper and an iron, you too can make such beautiful and mesmerizing objects of art as Joshua Allen Harris has done in this video. While this isn’t a tutorial per se, it serves as a constant reminder that what we usually see as cheap, disposable and crappy, can be used to make gorgeous objects. And if you wish to make your own inflatables, we will soon add a video on just how to weld plastic bags together. So keep checking our website!