Grilling your steak directly on the coal?

Are you placing your meet on a cooking grate when you grill it? Then you are missing out! Alton Brown knows the benefits of grilling directly on top of the coals, and he shares this insight in this mouth-watering video. Not only that, he also explains why the skirt a steak is his favorite and how to properly handle it. So the next time you light up that grill, make the food taste extra flavorful with this unusual trick!

Make your own specialized candles!

Normal candles are nice, but their shape are so boring. Sure, there are specialty candles in many different shapes, but what if you could take any personal item and clone it into a candle? It would be totally unique, and maybe even a perfect gift for that special someone! Well believe it or not, it’s actually quite easy to make your own candle mold, as shown in this tutorial from Mist8k. So gather up your boring standard candles, melt them down and make a truly unique candle from them! The best thing is, if you fail the first time, you can just melt the wax down and try again!

If wax is not the material you want to make your pieces out of, then check out the other videos about casting on our site: How to cast.

The simplest wooden pliers in the world!

To craft is one thing, but to create something with the least amount of steps and in the simplest possible way is an art. Once in a blue moon we find tutorials that are so easy, so geniously simple, that our jaws drop. This video from woodcraftmarketing is one of those rare tutorials. Imagine making a set of wooden pliers from just one piece of wood and ten strategically placed cuts. Can’t be done? Then watch this and be amazed! If you want to try this at home, be sure to have bandages ready, because this technique will require the knife to come in contact with your thumb. So in your first attempt, you will probably cut yourself a little. But what great piece of art has ever been made without a little pain right?

The art of bookbinding

Books are great in many ways, but the modern mass produced printed books lacks that special…something. They can’t compete with the beauty of a hand made leather-bound book. But they aren’t as difficult to make as you might think. Just watch this video from Kraftsman Sheng and see for yourself! And even if you don’t have the machines necessary to print your own book, consider using a mass produced one, rip the covers off and make your own leather-bound book from it! You can even make the cover ornamented by simply watching this video: How to stamp and decorate your leather

Make your own snow crystals!

Snowflakes may not be a functional thing, but they are definitely beautiful. But instead of trying to catch them out in the wild, why not grow them yourself? In this video from SciFri, Ken Libbrecht, Caltech physicist and author of “The Secret Life of a Snowflake” tells us exactly how you can do this for only a couple of bucks! Now that’s some cool science! (Pun intended)