Grilling your steak directly on the coal?

Are you placing your meet on a cooking grate when you grill it? Then you are missing out! Alton Brown knows the benefits of grilling directly on top of the coals, and he shares this insight in this mouth-watering video. Not only that, he also explains why the skirt a steak is his favorite and how to properly handle it. So the next time you light up that grill, make the food taste extra flavorful with this unusual trick!

Ten ways of putting taste in that steak!

Did you use to love steaks but have started to find them “ordinary”? Or perhaps you love steaks but have never gotten the hang of seasoning them? Well look no further, because foodbeastTV have made this fast paced list of ten great ways to season your steak! So put that taste in your steak, put that spice into your life and make that meat taste ooh so sweet! And if you find this tutorial to be a bit to fast paced, remember that you can always watch YouTube videos in slow motion! To see how, just watch Slowing down those tutorials. Also, check the tags below for a list of all the spices mentioned in this video 😉

Making your own peanutbutter

Alton Brown likes peanut Butter….a lot! In fact he loves it so much that he couldn’t stop eating it while making this video, so they had to subtitle it! But he doesn’t just go to the supermarket and buy ready-made peanut butter, ooh no, he makes it himself and improves upon it. In this quick and easy tutorial, he dishes out good advice on how to make it taste better, and even add things like chile oil or chocolate to make it stand out. So what are you waiting for? Start buttering up today!

Fermentation 101

This is an excellent walk-through of the benefits and techniques behind the art of fermentation. Kirsten Dirksen interviews Jennifer Harris ( the coordinator of the Sonoma County (CA) Farm to Fermentation Festival ) about the different ways food stuff can be fermented and why it should be fermented. Everything from pickles and vinegar to sauerkrauts and blue cheese, this video introduces us to the vast range of food items that can be fermented and aid to beneficial gut flora and health.