How to make latex zombie flesh

“Nurnies” are thin layers of latex rubber, rubbed to produce stringy flexible structures. These are very handy in zombie special effects and can be used for skin damage, ripping flesh, gore and much more. In this video  HELLRAISER’s makeup effects creator, Gary J. Tunnicliffe from Stan Winston School shows us how easy it is to make and apply them.

The fundamentals of animatronics

This is the most detailed and thorough tutorial we have ever seen on any subject online. Rick Lazzarini from Stan Winston School has decades of experience making state of the art animatronic puppets for Hollywood, and here he takes us through all the parts, joints, materials, techniques, servos, linear actuators, hydraulics, pneumatics, wires, rods, bearings, gears, levers and much more in this 3 hour marathon of a webcast from the convent “Son of Monsterpalooza”. If you want to build remote-controlled things, animated puppets or even robots, this is THE video on the web. Go buy your self some chips and soda, gather some like-minded friends, and just sit back and watch while this animatronic effects genius reveal all his tricks and techniques.

Making a realistic wound

Will and Norm from visits the artist Frank Ippolito, a contestant on the show Face Off, to get a lesson in how to make a realistic wound makeup. This tutorial also specifies the exact products he is using, where to get them, and roughly what they cost. The wound is an easy way to try your hand at special effects, but don’t try to do it on yourself in the mirror, or you’ll go crazy!