Turning a laminated wooden vase #DIY #CraftersU #Woodworking

How to laminate wood before lathing it in order to get a unique and gorgeous design.

Using a table saw as a….lathe?

What if you want to make a cylinder shaped wood piece like a dowel, but all you have is square wood? You could put some serious elbow grease into it, using knifes, planes or sanding paper and get a pretty decent result. Of course, it would be a simple task if you have a lathe, but what if the only machines you have is a table saw and a drill? John Heisz knows how to make this happen! Just watch this video and marvel about what can be accomplished if you think “out of the box”. However, remember that table saws are extremely dangerous machines, so be extremely careful when trying out this trick!

Transparent wood?

Wood is a solid. Dense and opaque like steel right? WRONG! In this video from Rikki Berger you will get a whole new appreciation of the beauty of wood. Not only is it not opaque, it is gradiently transparent and the fibers of the wood turns into a natural form of art, when its thin enough. If you have any interest in woodworking whatsoever, you need to watch this clip! Why do we keep painting over this natural beauty anyway?

How a lathe works and the difference between analogue dials and digital readouts

Deep inside his “man cave” Adam Savage demonstrates to Will from Tested.com one of his favorite machines, and old manual metal lathe. We get to see a quick and basic explanation of what a lathe does, why safety around it is paramount and last but not least, how Adam upgraded the old analogue dials and scales to a more modern digital readout.

Simple lathe cutting and deburring

In this video Adam Savage takes us and Norm from Tested.com along on a simple but educational project: Cutting of a bit of the back on his metal pocket flashlight. If you have never seen a lathe before, this is the perfect video to start with. Apart from lathe the flash light shorter, Adam also talks about the importance of coolant liquid and demonstrates how to deburr and how not to deburr.