What is voltage and current?

RimstarOrg is one of our favourite YouTube channels, simply because it is so scientific! Not only that, but the videos they make is easy to understand, and that is a difficult thing to achieve when it comes to scientific subjects! In this particular video, RimstarOrg walks us through the absolute fundamental understanding of electronics: Volts and amps! Do you think you know what they are? Just watch this lecture and be amazed over how much more there is to know about electronics!

How to program muscle wire

We love smart materials and especially “Muscle wire” also called memory wire. Usually made from nickel and titanium, these wires are very durable and remembers their preprogrammed shape! Bend it, twist it, deform it in any way and when it is heated up, it automatically returns to it´s predesigned shape. This can be used to make active springs and even tiny muscles that moves when heated up by an electric current. So if you need a completely silent and lightweight alternative to motors and actuators, you should consider using muscle wires. There are a lot of videos out there that demonstrates how they can be used for robotics and more, but how do you program the wires shape? Well we finally found this excellent tutorial from RimstarOrg where this procedure is explained in detail. Now you can design your own smart actuators to fill whatever need you may have! What project can you imagine making with this smart material?