Do you know how to use a hammer?

Silly question? Everyone knows how to use a hammer, right? Well, we are here to tell you that you might not know all the neat tricks you can do with a hammer. Ever been in a situation where you are holding a piece of wood with one hand, the hammer in the other and no third hand to hold the nail while hammering it in? There is a simple but effective solution to this problem that many people do not know about, and here John Heisz shows us exactly how it is done. A must see for everyone that owns a hammer!

How to make Chocolate bowls

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This is a very interesting video from the Japanese YouTube channel Hey! It’s Mosogourmet! In this speechless video, you can learn how to make neat bowls out of chocolate and fill them with any other foods, like ice cream. We wouldn’t recommend hot food items though, since it would probably melt the bowl. In any case, this can be a very appreciated way of presenting your food at a party, so we strongly recommend anyone who like to entertain to watch this video. Unfortunately it does not contain the necessary information about how to melt and temper chocolate, so we added another video from  the unrelated YouTube channel Howdini where the world-renowned chocolate maker Jacques Torres shows us how to melt and temper chocolate. In the video below he shows us both the simple microwave solution, and the professional techniques, so you can choose what level of seriousness you want to apply to your presentation.