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How to blog

Would you like to be a blogger, but don´t know how? Does it seem tricky and cumbersome? Well now you can be a blogger super simple! All you need is the link to an interesting DIY tutorial video, write a short description of it, and we´ll do the rest for you! And that’s not all, when your blog is published on Crafters University, it reaches thousands of followers on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google and many other places! It doesn’t matter if it’s your own video tutorial or one you found on YouTube, if you think it’s great then you are welcome to write a blog post about it right here on Crafters University!

So why wait? Send us your blog post today on our Article submission page and you’ll be blogging for over 6000 followers in no time!

Like and Share!

Share and likeCrafters University want to reach as many people as possible, and that is why we have enabled our visitors to like videos/posts, and share them with others in many, many different ways. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Digg, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Reddit, Pocket and you can even share through ordinary emails if you prefer! So the next time you see something a family member, friend or acquaintance might like, don’t be afraid to try the “Share” buttons underneath the posts!

Set the comments free!

CommentsYou know how it is, you see something on a site, and want to write a comment, but the site demands that you become a member first, and there’s a whole registration process with input fields, and avatar uploads and so on, and you finally go “Eh, I’m not THAT eager to voice my though!”. Sucks doesn’t it? Well, we feel that it should be easy to make yourself heard, which is why we have removed our previous membership demand for commentators. Now, if you want to say something, all you need to do is enter the Captcha code, and your off! If you which, you can also write your name and email address. So what are you waiting for, go on, let everybody know how you feel!

DIY Days Gothenburg

In January 18th – 19th, 2014, Crafters University participated in a very friendly and cozy event called DIY Days Gothenburg. It was one of the smaller events out there, but that was perfect for Crafters University’s first time on the showroom floor. The visitors where very friendly as well, and very interested in our site. We also had some mini projects for people to fold, and a Microgolf course.  Here’s a few photos from the event:


A youngster visiting our booth, checking out our printed sheets of paper for the “Boomerang paper airplane” and geeky “Pocketprotector” mini projects.


Another youngster, throwing around his very own “Boomerang paper airplane” that he folded by himself.


We also brought a fun little game called “Microgolf”! It’s like mini golf, but much smaller and uses a ball bearing as a golf ball. It was very popular at this event.


Meet us at DIY Days Gothenburg!

Crafters University is going to DIY Days Gothenburg this weekend! We will have our very own table where you can watch videos online, and we also have a special mini project planned. Come and visit us at DIY Days!

Quote from the DIY Days Gothenburg site:

“A gathering for those who create

diy days is coming to Gothenburg January 18th – 19th, 2014.

It is 2 FREE days to learndo & share, followed by a hackathon and game jam at Collaboratory. The theme is Future Cities -Sustainable and Playful Design with focus on Water. Experience talks, workshops, networking, social good, & play.

There will be prototyping sessions for innovations around the theme, a game track with talks about gender roles and games as art, workshops to create art works, innovations, fashion, and much more. The Collaboratory in Gothenburg will then host a hackathon and game jam to work with the prototypes and also curate projects all year around. There will be contests for project support. We work with co-creation, game mechanics and storytelling to create social change and innovative experiences.”