Origami paper everywhere!

Have you wanted to learn origami, but never found a place to buy real origami paper? Or perhaps you believe it would be too expensive? If so, you are wrong on both counts! You don’t need specialty paper to do origami, in fact, most of what you would ordinarily throw in the trash could have been used to make beautiful origami art. Don’t believe us? Then just watch this frugal video from happypuppytruffles (our favorite origami YouTube channel) and learn the real value of ordinary paper! After watching this video, we wouldn’t be surprised if you start looking around in your paper waste basket for those excellent scraps of origami paper 🙂

Super easy paper flowers!

Who doesn’t like flower decorations? But how do you make them look realistic without an expertise in origami? Well thanx to happypuppytruffles you can now make super realistic paper flowers in many variations! Just use thin paper or even tissue paper and you could make gorgeous flower decorations super easy! We haven’t tried it, but are willing to bet that you could even use toilet paper to achieve the same gorgeous result! Preferably unused toilet paper though 😛

Origami folding fundamentals

From happypuppytruffles comes this excellent beginners tutorial on how to get good creases and folds in origami projects. This may seem like a silly thing to teach, but in order for the finished origami piece to look good and work as planned, good creases and folds are a must. This is not as easy as it might seem and certain tricks and techniques are really useful, especially for beginners. So if you are at all interested in origami and paper craft, you should definitely watch this video.

How to make a small origami box with lid

Everyone likes to get a nice crafted gift, and as we all know, a gift is even more appreciated if it comes in a nice box. Well, following that logic, wouldn’t the gift be even better if the box itself was a beautiful craft? In this video from Happypuppytruffles, Heather Lynne Shida demonstrates how you can make a paper gift box with a lid and closure in a very cheap and easy way. It is also extremely customizable, just pick out the colors or patterns you want and you have a completely unique box to give to that special person! Happy giving!