DIY Days Gothenburg

In January 18th – 19th, 2014, Crafters University participated in a very friendly and cozy event called DIY Days Gothenburg. It was one of the smaller events out there, but that was perfect for Crafters University’s first time on the showroom floor. The visitors where very friendly as well, and very interested in our site. We also had some mini projects for people to fold, and a Microgolf course.  Here’s a few photos from the event:


A youngster visiting our booth, checking out our printed sheets of paper for the “Boomerang paper airplane” and geeky “Pocketprotector” mini projects.


Another youngster, throwing around his very own “Boomerang paper airplane” that he folded by himself.


We also brought a fun little game called “Microgolf”! It’s like mini golf, but much smaller and uses a ball bearing as a golf ball. It was very popular at this event.


Come fly with us, come fly, come fly away…

As a promotion idea, we created a mini DIY projects that you can download, print out and fold into an awesome boomerang paper airplane! Why make a normal airplane that you have to run after every time you throw it, when you could make a plane that returns to you? Here what it will look like when it’s done:

Boomerang paper airplane


In order to print this mini DIY project out, you need to download the following image files:

Top side picture

Bottom side picture

You can right-click on these links and choose “Save link as..” or simply click on them and when the image pops up, right-click on the image and choose “Save image as..”, either way works. Make sure that your computer or printer doesn’t shrink this images when it’s printed, or the plane will not work. The image is ment to reach all the way out to the papers edge, so no margins here. On a normal home printer, there will be a blank space around the edge of the paper, but don’t worry, we have designed it so it wont be noticeable.

You may have to experiment a little with your printer so that the two sides are correctly aligned, the flaps on the wing must be located towards the same edge on both sides. Good luck!

A special thanks to Adrian Lopez who have has made many video tutorials on how to fold paper airplanes. We tried many different “boomerang plane” designs, but ended up choosing Adrian Lopez‘s design because it is easy to fold, and works great! The fact that Adrian Lopez makes very intuitive video tutorials that is easy to follow was just icing on the cake. Check out his channel on YouTube, or check out his specific tutorial on how to fold this “Boomerang airplane”.