From computer models to paper models

Do you have a computer model that you want to realize or just want to replicate an existing object? Don´t need it to have mechanical functions? No access to a 3D printer and would rather avoid the messy work of Papier-mâché? Then this video is for you! Here Will and Norm from Tested demonstrates how a program called “Pepakura“, a printer and some glue can allow you to realize that computer model for cheap and without fancy equipment.

Let your geek flag fly!

Proud of being a geek? Worried people doesn’t notice your geekiness? Well look no further, Crafters University has the solution for you! With this handy-dandy pocket protector, you can have a clean and organized breast pocket, but also let everybody know that you are a supergeek! It’s easy to make and best of all, its FREE! So what are you waiting for, download the template here, print it out, cut it, fold it, tape or glue it and your done! No one will ever mistake you for a jock again, we promise!