Drawing on water

Sometimes we find DIY tricks that uses the simplest of stuff and turns it into gorgeous pieces of art. This is one of those times. Who could imagine that simply squirting a little of water on a paper before you draw on it could result in such beautiful organic looking art as shown in this video from Leigh Reyes. Here a fountain pen is used, but perhaps a marker or normal pen would give some amazing effects as well? It’s easy enough to test, just get a piece of paper, some water and start experimenting!

The art of bookbinding

Books are great in many ways, but the modern mass produced printed books lacks that special…something. They can’t compete with the beauty of a hand made leather-bound book. But they aren’t as difficult to make as you might think. Just watch this video from Kraftsman Sheng and see for yourself! And even if you don’t have the machines necessary to print your own book, consider using a mass produced one, rip the covers off and make your own leather-bound book from it! You can even make the cover ornamented by simply watching this video: How to stamp and decorate your leather