How to read crochet graphs and diagrams

If you have gotten comfortable with knitting, you may want to kick it up a notch and challenge yourself with harder patterns. But first you need to know how to read those cryptic graphs and diagrams. Just watch these two videos and get schooled!

Branding with a laser cutter

Do you own, or have access to, a laser cutter and only use it to cut pieces out of sheets? Then you are only using a fraction of the machines potential! Don’t let the name fool you, laser cutters are not just for cutting, but also for engraving and branding. Instead of painting your logo or artwork onto your pieces, make the most of your machine and engrave/brand it in there! You will save money on paint and stamps, but more importantly, the pattern will last longer since it is a part of the object and less sensitive to wear and tear! Just watch this video from the Hacksmith if you don’t believe us!

How to crochet Granny Squares!

This is a special treat! CROCHET GEEK has taken it upon themselves to make a huge library totally dedicated the different ways of making “Granny Squares”! In this video you find a list of 33 different ways of crocheting these beautiful squares, hours of educational pleasure! Just click on the list in the video, it’s just like a DVD menu! This is exactly what Crafters University is looking for: A broad perspective on a narrow field. And if you think “So what, they are just squares” you are missing the point. The squares themselves are not the end of the story, because with these squares you can make larger items like afghan blankets, purses, scarfs, clothes and much much more!

We send out our great appreciation for this excellent library of crochet videos and hope that this is just the beginning of many more such extensive crocheting libraries from CROCHET GEEK!