Decorating cakes with a lazy susan

By using a rotating platform, like a “Lazy Susan”, very interesting decorations can be made. Vincent Lai publicized this inspirational video of how a cake with whipped cream and cake gel can easily become a beautiful work of art. All you need is a lazy susan, spatula and a knife! So the next time you make a cake, learn from this video and make all the guests wonder “How on earth did you make this gorgeous cake?!”

How to make flowers from buttercream

Debbie Blumire from Cake Craft World has an extraordinary tutorial for all of us who like to make our desert look gorgeous. Here she demonstrates how easy it is to make rose decor on cupcakes, but the technique could easily be altered to look like other flowers. And you don’t need to use cupcakes,  you could put these flowers on any desert, such as cakes, cookies, pancakes and more. It might take a bit of practice at first, but the result is so beautiful, it is definitively worth it!