The Power of Polymers

Do you think plastics are fragile? That rubber breaks easily? Bullet resistant glass gets its strength from having a thin layer of plastics between the layers of glass. And the tires on your car? It gets a lot of wear and tear from the road and still last several months. But take a par of pliers to a plastic toy, or a nail to a car tire, and they break easily. It’s all in how the load is distributed across the polymer molecule chains. In this clip, Dr. Ainissa Ramirez from Yale University show us how polymers works, and why they are so strong.

Polymer clay

In this tutorial made by Ann Le from Anneorshine polymer clay is used to make cute little accessories such as bow-tie rings and mustache necklaces, but this material can be used in a lot of other projects. Basically, anything you could make from ordinary clay, you can make out of polymer clay. The big difference is that instead of having to buy an expensive kiln, you can use your average run of the mill kitchen oven. That makes this material perfect for small-scale crafts!

Ann Le also shows some neat modeling tricks to get nice shapes and colors, how to attach the pieces to rings and necklaces, and how to protect the paint with gloss varnish. All in all, this is an excellent tutorial which any crafter would find interesting to watch.