Smoked filled sugar balls!

When deciding on how to present a dish, cooks usually think in the terms of solids or liquids. But that leaves a big part of reality: Vapors! Molecular Gastronomy has a think-outside-the-box mentality that no one can beat, and in this video they demonstrate how you can make sugar balls that releases smoke when cracked! The process of making a sugar ball is in it self a very interesting process, but whether you use isomalt or sugar, the real wow factor is the smoke that comes out. Just be sure to serve it fast though, because the smoke settles down very quickly!

Design your own tie dye shirts!

Would you like to design your own shirts? Well Craft Life is here to teach you how to use a technique called “Tie Dye” and design your own shirt patterns easily without having to use screenprint or other expensive/complex methods. This is one of those techniques which are easy to learn, but can be refined into a mastery of liquid textile coloring as you learn. Just try it once, and you’ll find the inspiration to make even more complex and intricate patterns. What kind of pattern would you like to make with this technique?