How temperature can have drastic effect on material properties

When you need to choose a material, it is essential to keep in mind the environment in which the material is going to be used. Such a seemingly small matter as temperature can cause a complete breakdown of parts, if they are made from the wrong materials. On the other hand, you will rarely find a material that has perfect properties. In the end you will need to know enough about material properties to choose which material will suit your purpose best. Here, Dr. Ainissa Ramirez from Yale University demonstrates how temperature can change the ductility of materials like rubber and steel with catastrophic results.

What is pop rivets?

This is an excellent video tutorial from Design Squad Nation about pop rivets, how they work, and why they got to be called “Pop rivets”. This is the very first video added to and for a very good reason. While the site was developed and still unofficial, this video caught Crafters University´s attention simply because it is easy to understand, short and concise, but most of all, it doesn’t assume any pre-existing knowledge of the viewer. This video is the perfect example of the kind of videos that Crafters University hopes to provide for you in the future. We hopes that you will enjoy this very first addition to our site´s database, and that you will find a lot of equally interesting and educational videos in our database in the future.