14 great photography tricks!

Okay, you are done. You have worked your butt off for several weeks, maybe even months, but your project is finally complete, and it is AWESOME! You wish to show it to the world and what better way than to take pictures or record a video about it? But why not add some really cool camera tricks to the view, some eye candy if you will? You can make gorgeous looking pictures/videos with very simple tools and materials. COOPH has made these extremely awesome tutorials that can help anyone to make super cool recording effects! And if the only camera you have is in a mobile phone, you can still make some great pictures, as demonstrated in their video below. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make some eye candy. Your viewers will enjoy your project even more!

Design your own tie dye shirts!

Would you like to design your own shirts? Well Craft Life is here to teach you how to use a technique called “Tie Dye” and design your own shirt patterns easily without having to use screenprint or other expensive/complex methods. This is one of those techniques which are easy to learn, but can be refined into a mastery of liquid textile coloring as you learn. Just try it once, and you’ll find the inspiration to make even more complex and intricate patterns. What kind of pattern would you like to make with this technique?

Amazing origami robot wheels!

Did you think origami where only useful for paper decorations? Then guess again! Dae-Young Lee, Ji-Suk Kim, Jae-Jun Park, Sa-Reum Kim and Kyu-Jin Cho from Seoul National University has realized the power of origami and created incredible morphable robot wheels explained in this video from IEEE Spectrum. When the robot needs to get over obstacles, the wheel can be expanded, and when it needs to get into tight spaces, the wheels can shrink to fit. In this case, special pattern embedded fabric is used, but we can’t see any reason these wheels can’t be made from thick paper. It would be more fragile of course, but still really cool.

In the video below from our favorite origami channel happypuppytruffles, you can learn how to do the “Magic Ball” origami pattern that these wheels are based on. Happy folding!

Super easy paper flowers!

Who doesn’t like flower decorations? But how do you make them look realistic without an expertise in origami? Well thanx to happypuppytruffles you can now make super realistic paper flowers in many variations! Just use thin paper or even tissue paper and you could make gorgeous flower decorations super easy! We haven’t tried it, but are willing to bet that you could even use toilet paper to achieve the same gorgeous result! Preferably unused toilet paper though 😛

The versatility of cardboard

Usually we don’t blog about projects that concerns a specific object, but when we saw the Google Cardboard VR project, we simply couldn’t resist. Yes, the VR google is a very cool invention in its own rights, but that is not what made us take notice. It was the fact that they choose to use such a common and underestimated material as cardboard to make it! This video from Tested shows exactly how you can make not only the Google Cardboard but most importantly, how you can make really cool stuff with the simplest of materials. Who cares if it doesn’t have shiny designed surfaces, it works! And if you still want a pretty looking VR google, why not make a printable design for it? If you do, please send us pictures, we would love to see how this open-sourced invention evolves within the crafting community!