Decorating cakes with a lazy susan

By using a rotating platform, like a “Lazy Susan”, very interesting decorations can be made. Vincent Lai publicized this inspirational video of how a cake with whipped cream and cake gel can easily become a beautiful work of art. All you need is a lazy susan, spatula and a knife! So the next time you make a cake, learn from this video and make all the guests wonder “How on earth did you make this gorgeous cake?!”

Gorgeous sugar art made easy

What can you do with brown sugar, a pan, a stove and a ladle? How about a fantastic Chinese dragon? You may have seen incredible art made of sugar by experts and thought “I could never do that”, but you would be wrong! If you think you can drizzle paint on paper, then you can make beautiful sugar art like shown in this clip from Reinhard. Sure, this particular sugar artist is an expert, but the basic technique is so simple that it makes this the perfect way to start experimenting with sugarcrafting. You may already have all the necessary tools and sugar at home right now, so why wait? Get into that kitchen and start making art!

Outfitting the Kitchen

This is a very interesting talk by Adam Savage from Mythbusters and Will and Norm from Tested about what they consider to be the most important tools of the kitchen. While this subject is highly subjective, and opinion will differ widely depending on whom you ask, this trio has great arguments for why their opinion is what it is. Whether you agree with them or not, this talk should give you several new viewpoints about cooking utensils and strategies. Enjoy!