How to make concrete objects easy!

Have you ever wanted to make concrete object but felt it seemed to difficult? Then you should definitely watch this simple tutorial from TheSorryGirls that demonstrates just how easy and cheap it can be! By using concrete powder, water and recycled containers, they make beautiful concrete pots. But this technique is so general in nature that you can use it in order to make any shaped concrete object. So let yourself get into the hard stuff and start a concrete project!

Make Hollywood grade costumes for cheap

Do you think foam sheets can’t be used for Hollywood grade suits? Then check out the video below! Foam materials are vastly underrated and have enormous potential, especially when it comes to props, costumes and movie-making! In this video, we hope you will be convinced that foam materials doesn’t only look great, it is also a very cheap and easy way of making beautiful costumes! Many thanks to Indy Mogul, not only for making this technique accessible for everyone, but also for their astonishing work on making a Hollywood grade 12 minute Sci-Fi short film on a backyard budget! Indy Mogul rocks!

So simple yet so extraordinary beautiful

Very similar to a video we collected earlier, this also shows how beautiful art can be made by simple means. Here, Brandon McConnell from Spacepainter show us how spray paint, some paper, a sponge, a palette knife and some sandpaper can be used to create a hauntingly beautiful nature scene worth much more than the tools and resources used to create it.

Simple but beautiful spray painting techniques

What seems like an ugly mess of paint soon takes the shape of a gorgeous alien sky and city skyline when these street artist in New York rapidly paints posters for passer by’s. The result is so amazing, it is hard to believe it was made by simple objects such as spray paint, lids, newspaper, a couple of paint scrapers and flicking paints with fingertips. And in just under 6 minutes to boot! While these guys are clearly experienced professionals, their techniques are still so simple that anyone could start using them right away. Wow!